Moonlight is fine for the bird on the bird on the wing-
but it will never do for us.
The fruit on the vine, and the promise in the seed
somehow will never be enough.

Love in our hearts
A song to sing
What did it ever do for us?
The curtain of the winter is drawn by the spring-
and the audience is tough.

I’ve seen the highlights, read the reviews
Happinesss what is your take?
And I took a stand- made the local news
Found the truth on which promises break

So what good is freedom now-with so much to own?
Who are you going to convince
That a shot at honesty and an honest life beats a guaranteed return?

Tell me a story, take me by the hand
I believe I’ve lost my way.
Speaking in a language that no one understands
what is there to say?

And what good is freedom now- with so much to own?
Oh mercy keep your mind
Better not speak honestly about the times to come
Let alone the ones you leave behind