The Boatbuilders

It was early in the morning, the cook was yelling loud,
As the diesel engines fired up, on the unsuspecting crowd,
Leaving everyone to wonder, but the wonder soon would fade,
Like a point on the horizon, or the comments that were made,
Full of useful information as we left off from the shore
Like did anyone bother the check the weather to see what was in store?
I just came to my senses, we were already underway.

We just came for the party, I just want to make it clear
About the big Alberta oil man, and these dignitaries here
Why was everybody shut out? How come they can’t even hear?
Are they drunk already? What’s that pounding in my ear?

No one knew where she came from, she was drifting far away,
In those clandestine arrangements, where there was nothing left to say,
Except for non-disclosure, & their doors that wouldn’t swing,
And for all the public meetings, well they don’t mean a Goddamned thing,
They make you for or against it, they make you into a pawn,
And if you want my humble opinion, then I think they’re fucking wrong.

We just came for the party, I just want to drink a beer,
With the big Alberta oil man, and these dignitaries here,
But if you hadn’t bothered to check the list, and you can’t get in the door,
What is policy invented? What is all this bullshit for?

Have you been to see the Boatbuilder? They’ve got him living underneath the blade,
Who’s that sold you further up the river- on the promises they made?
Go and ask the village idiot, he’ll say it’s everybody’s fault,
Somewhere the captain’s looking for reason, in a thousand miles of salt,
And gravel.