Waiting on Love

I’m not angry
I’m not tired
I’m empty
And I’m inspired
I’m not worried
Any longer
About this feeling
Getting stronger
I’m waiting on love
Waiting on love
I’m not going to lie
It gets lonely sometimes
I’m not kidding
When I say
Some mornings
I can`t face the day
I`m waiting on love
Waiting on love
All you actors
Take your parts
It`s a patient patient heart
Waiting on love
I`m not gonna spend
The trust of a good friend
I`m not gonna waste
These desires in haste
I`m waiting on love
Sometimes it feels
I only knew it
When it was gone
Why was I absent for so long?

Love was here
I see the signs
It was yours
And it was mine
It left it`s traces
On my mind
And now I`m waiting on love